The Donor Car

The Donor Car - VIN 04611 or 3611th out of 3640 Built in 1954

I first learned about the 54 Corvette from a Corvette Forum member (BowTyeGuy) from AZ. He sent me a link to the car that was posted on Craig's List in NJ. It took me 3 days to talk the guy into selling it to me, and he had it F/S, go figure. This 54 I bought, the guy bought it in 1967 for $650.00 and when he made the deal for it he left a $10.00 deposit for it and I have the paper showing this. Then when he got it home, it sat in his garage till about 6 years ago when he bought an AMX and moved the Vette outside because it would not rust and put the AMX in the garage. He bought things (parts) for the 54 Vette to restore it with but put the stuff in the basement of his house and never did anything to the car to restore it other then send the seats to Al Knock to be restored and then put them in the basement. So I guess you could kind of call it a barn find but he did advertise it F/S. These people were HOARDERS and by looking at there garage, basement and inside the house I don't think they ever thru anything out going back to about 1950 till now and I am not kidding. Oh yeah I did pay more then $650.00 for the car.

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