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From Gel coat to primer

The last year has been fiberglass and gel coats, but now the car is in primer, mostly :). This is the part of the build when the car starts to come together, fabrication of most things are completed in this stage. To quote Mike towards the beginning of August.

August 4, 2014

As I walked into the shop this morning, much to my surprise Brett had sanded and primered the hood and underside of the trunk lid with feather fill. It is a thicker then primer type of primer that will help fill in any very small pin holes in the fiberglass. The first several pic show that and it looks great, I thought. It looked good to me till Brett walked into the shop and we both started looking and there were some very small pin holes that the Feather Fill did not fill in. That is why you see in the rest of the pic small areas where Brett went back and filled in the small pin holes. We then made and cut to fit the fiberglass panel that will go directly under the rear window downward to the trunk area to close off the trunk from the back of the inside of the car. After getting it measured and cut to fit, I got a call on my cell from my son telling me that he was taking my wife to the ER that she had fell and put a large cut in her head. I told Brett and out the door I went heading 1 hour south to the Hospital E R. so I don't know what more Brett had done after I had to leave. But after filling in the very small pin holes Brett is now calling the car SPOT, because it looks like a Dalmatian Fire Truck Dog with all the patch spots on it. More updates will follow soon.

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