September 2013

September 17, 2013

The last two days have been very hectic and very busy working on the Motorama Car. We started laying up fiber glass matting Sat. morning. First a releasing agent had to be sprayed on the mold and then in areas where there are sharp pockets or curves to make sure that the details turned out well we put in a black Bondo type product that when it has fiber glass matting and resin put on top of it it will become one product. After that then the resin and fiberglass mat started to be put into place. After several hours of laying fiber glass mat and resin about 4 in some areas and 5 layers in other area the top was done. Now we just have to wait for it all to cure and get hard. We finished up about 7:00 pm and let it set all night to cure. Now Sunday morning about 10:00 am we started to pry the top and rear quarters and rear valance out of the mold. First we took about 90 nuts and bolts apart that held the 13 piece mold together and then it is a hammer and a putty knife and some wooden paint stir sticks and by prying and inserting the paint sticks to create pressure we began separating the 13 mold pieces for the one piece top and rear quarters and rear valance.. After about one hour of popping off mold parts the top was there and complete. You can tell that the layed up top is a dark orange and that is the backside of the top and the bright shiny surface you will see in the pic is pieces of the mold after it is taken apart and the shiny one piece part it the outer surface of the one piece top that we have made. As far as we know this is the only one piece complete top with rear quarters and rear valance ever made for a Motorama car like this. By doing it this way the top has been raised a little over 2 " for head clearance and the top and quarters are all one piece so it will not separate and show where a top was just set on top of the rear of a 54 Corvette body. At some point because of the twisting and flexing by just setting a top on the body and screwing and gluing it in place it will still crack and show where the top was set on the body. This way being one piece that will never happen plus you now have head room clearance. This top here was made for a customer that Brett is building one for in Canada who's car needed a rear valance. The next top will be for my car and we will not have the rear valance part of the mold attached to the rest of the mold because my rear valance is in good condition. All we should have to do after making mine is cut off the excess matting from around the edges and set the top onto the body of the car. There is still a lot of work that has to be done but we are now seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train coming. Enjoy the pic and the fruit of our labor. Oh there should be about 5 tops made in all, there is a gentleman in the UK who Brett is in conversation with at this time and may want one so we will make an extra top or two to just have on hand. Now enjoy the pics.

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