September 2012

September 12, 2012

Today, Brett and I took a big step in the progress on the 54 Motorama Car. We put in a drip rail guard on the rain gutter for the trunk and it will be finished up when we work on the car next time. We also fit the trunk lid to the body which was a major step in the process. We then noticed the license plate pocket was not straight so now that will have to be addressed the next time we work on the car. If you blow up the pic you will be able to see how we has to cut the rear of the trunk lid and adjust it and it is in the process of being properly re-installed to the trunk lid. If may not look like much is being done to the car but all these things need to be done before we make a mold off of the top and the rear surround on the car then make a new top off of the mold. Nothing like doing it right the first time so it makes less work later in the restoration.

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