September 2011

September 03, 2011

The 54 is loaded up in the trailer and will be going to Blue Flame Restoration (Brett Henderson) in the morning (9-4-11) to start it's restoration. Brett has shipped out 3 (1953) Corvettes this last week so now there is room in his shop to bring the 54 and start work on it. New tires were ordered and picked up at Corvettes at Carlisle from Coker Tire. Most of the car has been stripped of parts with a little more to do before the top is set on for fitting. There will be more pic and information coming as the project advances. A list of parts are made up and will be ordered soon and the chrome and stainless will be sent out for re chroming and polishing of the stainless. After the body comes off the frame it will be stripped and sent out for blasting and powder coating. At that time the wheels and other parts will be blasted and powder coated. The new tires will be put on the newly powder coated wheels and put on the frame. Yes, pic will be taken of everything and be posted for all to see. I have decided to paint the car Crystal Red Metallic. With a Cream and Crystal Red Metallic interior. I just hope my bill fold holds out.

September 04, 2011

As you can see the 54 has been unloaded 9-04-11 and is now at Blue Flame Restoration and you can see that he has other 53 and 54 Corvettes in his shop. Brett and I made a fastback top for the Motorama Car about 1 1/2 yrs ago and you can see we put it on top the 54 so we can get an idea what we are going to have to do to the top. It is setting to low on the car so there is no head clearance so we will be building a new top with about 2" more clearance. The car will finish being stripped of parts this week and will then go to the blaster to have all the paint removed. Then we will be in a better position to know our next step of making a new top then a new mold that a new top off of the new mold will be made. The stainless trim and hubcaps etc and chrome will be sent out this week as well as other items that will need to be sand blasted and then sent to the Powder Coat Company to be coated. The wheels will be blasted and the Powder Coat Company will match up or make up special Powder to do the wheels to match the color the car will be painted. New tires from Coker Tire will be mounted on the newly restored wheels. When it gets to that point where we will be doing the interior, it will be in the same color as the car Crystal Red Metallic and Cream. I think it will be an outstanding car. Pic of all of this will follow as it is done. Please feel free to follow alone and enjoy the restoration.

September 05, 2011

Today we started stripping all the items off the 54 to get the body ready to be blasted so all the paint and primer is removes down to the white glass. Brett started about 8:00am and I got there about 8:30am (he lives 50 miles north of me) and we started removing things.My grandson helped me remove some of the instruments in the dash back in the spring, so we went after everything else. By noon, everything was removed. Windshield and windshield frame, heater motor, rest of the gauges, doors/hinges, dash pad and door arm rest pads etc. You can see in the pic that we left the Impala steering wheel on the car so we can steer it on and off the trailer when we take it to have the paint blasted off the body. Yes I have the original steering wheel. You can also see that we set the fast back top on the car. It is to low and we will be making adjustments to that when the car comes back from being blasted.
All the chrome is off and ready to be redone and most all other items are ready to be blasted and powder coated. If things work out we will try to get all of this, including the car sent out this week and we should get the car back in about 3 or 4 hours after we drop it off. More pic will come along with more information as we get deeper into this outstanding project. If you like what you see as we progress you may want to contact Brett at Blue Flame Restoration and see if he will build you one of these the way you want it.
My e-mail is so feel free to contact me if you wish, but you must use the heading or subject of Motorama Project or I will not open your e-mail or reply.

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