October 2012

October 14, 2012

More detail work was performed today. The attention is in the details and there are LOTS of details to be dealt with. To some people it may not look like much work is being done on the car but by doing all the work and the extreme detail work it will save a lot of time down the road.


* Door pockets where the dash meets the 56-57 style inner door shell modifications. The doors dimensions are not the same as the 53-54 dash ends. A "relief" had to be installed into the front of the door shells so the doors would actually shut.
* The rear license pocket area of the trunk lid was extremely crooked when the model for the roof line/trunk was made. The license pocket area had to be removed. A new symmetrical pocket will be made and installed into the trunk lid.

* Final cosmetic bodywork of the trunk lid
* Final cosmetic bodywork of the doors

* doors skins
* door shells
* roof line/rear upper surround panels
* trunk lid.

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