October 2011

October 05, 2011

On October 4th Brett Henderson and I took the 54 Vette over to have the paint removed from the body. We took it to be sand blasted. Yes that is what I said, SAND BLASTED. To this point the car has been stripped of all the parts and now there is just the body setting on the chassis. We winched the car up into the trailer and strapped it down for the 5 mime trip to the sand blasted. We had to wait for a day that it was not raining so the job could be done outside.We unloaded the car as they were blasting a dump truck. We left and did a few things that had to be done and came back to find them ready to blast the Corvette. Yes I felt a little uneasy about using sand on the fiber glass to blast the paint off with but Brett told me this guy knows what he is doing and that he had blasted all his other cars he has restored. After about 30 min. of blasting the car it is clean of paint and primer. The guy blasting the car now turned it over to his son who sand blasted some metal parts that we took along to be blasted and then off to powder coating they will go. You can see where the car had been repaired in a couple of spots but it does not look like it was damage from being hit by a car. Enjoy the pic's.

October 19, 2011

Brett and I spent the day working on the 54 Motorama Project. We spent the whole day figuring the height to make the front of the fastback top for the windshield. Yes we have a fastback top but it sets to low on the car and there is not much windshield space or head clearance inside the car. We have now figured that out and made some adjustments to make it correct. Next we will be making other adjustments to the top for slope design and also to make the trunk lid fit correctly with the new angle of the fastback top. GM never built the trunk lid to open backwards like some people may want you to believe. GM would have never made a trunk lid to open backwards. Think about it, if the wind would catch the trunk lid and opened it, it would have ripped the trunk lid off the hinges. It also would be very hard to put things in and to take things out of the trunk if the trunk lid opened backwards.
As you can see we had to cut the A pillar because there wouldn't have been the correct amount of room to see out of and it would have looked chopped. We will be making more changes to the top to make it correct for the car and the driver, ME.


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