November 2012

November 12, 2012

Today's work was hardly noticeable but once again, the detail work is what we did. As mentioned in the last progress report, the trunk lid pocket was removed because the original roofline mock up was very crooked. The old pocket was cut out and a new pocket area was crafted and installed. It's just roughed in at the moment but the geometry is 100% even. It's hard to believe that anyone would actually build a car and leave the crooked license pocket in place. Finish work will be done prior to the mold making of a new trunk lid.We also began the smoothing of the front end. It was in great shape but had a lot of small imperfections on the surface. Filling and sanding required. This process may and will take several times sanding and finding imperfections and fill and sand and so on till it is all correct. There is no need doing the project half ass. Anything this fine should be and will be top quality.Power window mechanicals will be ordered this week so we can fit the door glass and finalize the tops of the doors for the window openings and rear 1/4 window fitment.

November 18, 2012

We worked on a couple things on the 54 Motorama Car one being trying to get all the imperfections out of the body by sanding and filling with Bondo and sanding and filling and sanding and, well you get the idea. It looks like the more you do the more imperfections you find. While I was sanding and filling and sanding, Brett spent most of the day working on the the trunk lid area where the license plate goes. This area was not correct on the mold that made these pieces so he is trying to make both sides even and correct. He had to cut the flat plate area (where the license plate is located) out and re-align it and straighten it as well. Then he started adding bondo to make both sides the same. Remember, this is not going on the car. After these parts are all made to perfection and correct we are then going to make molds off of them and then make the parts we need for the car off of these molds we are going to be making. This way everything will be as correct as it can be made for this car.

November 20, 2012

It's back to sanding and finding imperfections in the body for me to work on while Brett still is working on the trunk. By getting the trunk correct and straight now looking at the car from the rear it lines up a lot better. We are very close to putting the body in primer. Yes, there is still a load of work to do but we can now see a little light at the end of the tunnel. The pic showing the rear trunk has now been sanded and just had a thin skim coat of bondo put on it to help smooth it out and also to help get all the angles straight. The final sanding and shaping of the trunk is next. We left today feeling good about where we are on the car and will continue to work on the car and make progress. I hope you are enjoying this project 1/2 as much as we are.

November 28, 2012


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