November 2011

November 29, 2011

Today November 29 and now that Thanksgiving is out of the way it is time to get back to work on the Motorama car. Today was for most part a Think Tank Day. First off we went to pick up my chrome from the plating shop and WOW they did an outstanding job. Then out to lunch and then back to the car. After filling in the back side of the A pillars to reinforce them we talked about how to fit the trunk lid to the car. Pretty sure we have came up with the way that GM may very well have done there trunk lid, and no not opening backwards like some other Motorama car was built. GM would have never built it like that so if the wind would catch it it would rip it off the car. That I am pretty sure is not according to GM plans. Also we talked about a new and what we think is a better way to mount the hatch back roof to the car. It will be a lot more solid and we will not have to worry about the body flexing (it will and they do flex) and cracking the paint or the area where the top will be attached to the body. Brett ( who's shop we are building the car in) was a little behind is some of his projects so we did not work on the car for a few weeks, now that he is somewhat caught up we will be working on the car at least one day per week. Here are a few pic of some of the changes we made today.

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