May 2013

May 06, 2013

Today started out like any other Sunday that we work on the Motorama Car it starts with a large Coke for Brett that I pickup on my way to his place. As you can see from the first three pic that we are just doing some final sanding on the top and rear surround before putting on another (hope to be the last) coat of primer. We ended up re sanding the entire car again. We did what we thought was an outstanding job on finish sanding and we did do a very good job. After mixing the primes and spraying it on ( which you can see in the last four pic) there were still a couple of small spots that will need a little more attention before fiberglass mat and resin is put on the car to make the mold. remember we are just making a mold off of the car and from that mold we will make a one piece top and rear surround that will be attached to the rear of the car. This way when you hit a bump or the body would flex maybe from crossing R R track or making a sharp turn and hitting a bump the fast back will not crack or separate from the rest of the boys where it is attached because it is all one piece. The smoother and more accurate we make it now the less work we will have to do on the finish product. Pretty sure next we are going to fix or repair the few little defects that have shown up and then sand the car again and then wax it and buff it before putting on fiberglass mat and resin on the car. We will make sure that the windshield opening is all correct before making the top also. I hope to have the people who will be making the windshield come out this week and look at what we have and let us know if there are any changes that will have to be made for the windshield before we move on. We can now see big strides of progress in the project and the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to get brighter and the build is getting more exciting.

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