March 2015

March 01. 2015

From now until unveiling at Amelia Island Concourse d'Elegance (middle of March)
just small snapshots will be shown

As you can see from the past few days that we are on a mission to get this car built and headed to FL. to the Amelia Island Concourse Event. Today you can look at the pic and see some of the things that have been installed on the car before we set the body on the chassis the first of the week. Today you can see the front nose emblem is installed along with the front bumpers and rear bumpers, the steering column, the speedometer and several of the knobs in the dash along with the emergence brake jewel and the brake pedal. If you look rear close you can see the radio speaker face and center Chevrolet emblem that have all been restored. Keep checking back to see the progress that we do on Sunday.

March 02. 2015

Last night we got 6"+ snow and when I got up this morning the driveway and roads were bad. I cleaned my driveway and I had e-mail Brett telling him I would be up when and if I could. He sent back take the day off he would take care of working on the car, and that he did. Brett installed the wiring harness, voltage regulator, rear right side bumper, seat divider latch and stainless, the clock in the dash, the oil/battery gauge, tach, fuse block, door stops, and actuator. Just think he did all that with out me. Probably glad I was not there to bug him Ha Ha Ha. Believe me Brett has restored more 1953 Corvettes then anyone that I know of and he can for the most part could put this car together with out looking. We will lower the body on the chassis on Monday or Tuesday depending on how the roads are to take the body and chassis to a friends of his who has a lift so we can pickup and then lower the body down on the chassis very slowly to make sure we line everything up just so so. Keep following the build of the Motorama Car and post on the Corvette Forum.

March 02. 2015

Monday was a very busy day. I went and had some more parts sandblasted and then dropped them off at the powder coat company then went and picked up some parts at our graphics design guys place and took them to our guy who does our water jet work for us. While I was gone for several hours doing all that Brett and the engine builder Steve Kline who builds engines finished getting the motor parts installed and all the fluids installed in the motor and transmission started it up and it ran like a champ and started well the very first time. Also before the motor was running Brett had installed more parts on the car like the rear bumper, driver side mirror support, the under dash and engine compartment wiring harness, headlight buckets and headlight parts so we now have headlights, along with a few other parts. When I got back to the shop I had to order a few hundred dollars in parts. The windshield guy came about 6:00 pm and he and Brett installed the windshield for a test fit and as you would guess it did not fit like we thought it would. After several hours of trimming and test fitting and trimming and test fitting some more they now have it where it will fit just fine. Next the trimmed the weather stripping that the windshields sets in and then glued it back together. The guy they use is so strong they when pressure is put on the weather stripping that it will brake or rip somewhere else but will not brake or rip where they glued it together at. I guess it is some very strong stuff.

March 03. 2015

Today Tuesday I went to a wedding, of joining the Motorama Body to the Chassis and that is what happened. We took the chassis and body over to a friends of Brett's Monday night after the glass guy left and dropped them off so we could use his 2 post lift to pickup the body and line things up and lower the body onto the chassis. So when we all (Brett, Steve the motor builder, Bob where we took the car who has the 2 post lift and myself) got together we began lining things up to do a body drop sorry there is no live video but it was nerve racking enough with out having a camera on us plus if it had voice you may not have wanted to hear some of the words that went around the room. After picking up the body and making sure it was balanced good on the lift we rolled the chassis under it and tool a string with a nut on the end of it and used it to line up the body mounting holes with the mounting holes in the chassis. When we started to lower the body we found that we were going to hit the steering gear box we had to take off the left exhaust manifold for clearance. Once it was off we lowered the body some more and found out the dip stick tube was in the way so we bent it just a little more upright to make room for lowering the body even closer to the chassis. Next we had to take off the generator and the bracket for clearance and it worked out just fine. Once we were within a inch or 2 we took a punch and finished lining up the mounting holes from the chassis to the body and finished lowering it down. We did a few more things and hooked up some of the cables and wiring and got things to the point where we will finish all the under carriage work while we have use of the lift. It sure makes it better then crawling under the car while it is on the ground and we are on the concrete floor. We will also start the motor again and let it run for about 15 or 20 min. and shift the transmission thru all the gears again to make sure we do not have any problems.
The last two days have been very busy and we have got a lot done. There is still more to do but it looks like we will have every thing done and the day before we go south to FL. with the car in the trailer we will tale it back to the paint shop and have then go over the car one last time and buff it so there are no marks on the body at all. Keep coming back and see what progress we make on the car. Time is ticking like a bomb and we have to finish before it goes off and we do not have the car ready to go to Amelia Island.

March 04. 2015

Today started out great there were 4 of us working on the car when the phone rings and the carpet and seats and the rest of the interior is ready, except the floor mats. I didn't find that out till I went to pick everything up. They are going to make me custom floor mats for the car and they will be done by Tuesday of next week. We are leaving for Amelia Island on Thursday morning about 3:00 am. After taking the rear panel home last night Brett found out that they did not leave a border on it so he called the company and told them and they are going to have a border cut out and I will pick it up Thursday morning. I was out picking up things and trying to find and buy some last min. things and when I get back to the shop they had put on the rebound straps that go around the rear axle on both sides of the car, and the emergence brake bracket was welded in place and then there was a kind of silence in the shop when I walked in. I thought the car had fallen of the lift or someone had gotten hurt but that was not it. What it was when they put the radiator in the support bracket they could not turn the wheels. The fan on the DeWitt radiator would not let the sway bar go from one side to the other; the sway bar would hit the fan on the back side of the radiator and not allow you to turn the car. THIS IS NOT GOOD with one week to go before leaving for Amelia Island.
Steve my engine builder is going to cut the sway bar and reposition the ends on it and that should give us the clearance that we need for the sway bar.
With that happening the glass guy was coming back at 6:00 pm and I just told Brett unless he needed me to be there I was going home and besides it had started to snow again and I am 50 miles from home at rush hour and slippery roads so I went home and Brett is there with the guy from the glass company installing the windshield tonight. So when I go back in the morning the windshield should be in the car and by quitting time Thursday (tomorrow) the car should be running and driving and steering and we also should have brakes also. We will see how Thursday goes. .

March 06. 2015

Steve came back with the sway bar that he had to cut the ends off of and turn them around and weld the back on and they fit perfect then there were a few things that had to be done and one was installing the shifter and this being al old prototype car the shift pattern had to be backwards if possible like the 53 & 54 Corvettes were in there day. With P (park being all the way down to the floor) and we did it that way but were unable to do the rest of the shift pattern the same way, but that is OK because if you look at the shift knob it is off of a 54 Corvette and it shows the original shift pattern so now I have to remember the pattern when I drive it or I will be going backwards when I should be going forward. We started out late Thursday with a brake line leak and we did wall we could to fix. We (me and a friend of Steve's) also had to stand in the trunk of the car so we could get the body to come down so the axle straps could be put on and hooked up. The windshield is in and looks outstanding. That is what staying up till 1:00 am does to you, it make you install an outstanding windshield.
When we came back on Friday the 6th it but were not able to fix our leak so we took out a 10lb. pressure valve and put in a small (about 3") splice in the line where the pressure valve was and that took care of our leak. and we adjusted the brakes and added all the fluids and started the car. It starts with just a bump of the starter. After it was started the timing was great so we did not have to change it and just had a very small adjustment to the carb and it purrs like a kitten. We loaded the car back up into the trailer after thanking Bob who is Brett's friend who let us use his lift to lower the body on the chassis plus all the other under the body things we did to the car that made it a lot easier with the car up in the air. Now just for tonight the car is locked up in my trailer and we will unload in in the morning (Sat.) and finish putting on all the chrome and installing the gauges and interior.

March 07. 2015

Today went by fast, parts were going on the car and with every part that was put on it just made the car bling. Things went on like all the knobs in the dash, with only one more set of gauges to go on and it will be complete the cowling is on along with the tail pile extensions, the center plate for the trunk and the license plate lights, the CORVAIR emblem on the trunk, put the trunk on the body we test fitted the last of the windshield molding and it needs to be tweaked a little so we have that on our list to do Monday. You can see the air cleaner on the motor along with many other items that we installed on the car. It was a long day but every time we ad a part we have to step back and look and see how it improves the look of the car. Everything we put on just make the car come alive. You have come this far by following this build and we are only a couple of days from the end so keep coming back and see how it all turns out.

March 08. 2015

Step by step and piece by piece we put on the car the closer we get to having it done. Today we finally finished up all the work under the dash so the cowling in in and works and all the gauges are in and hooked up. We still have to put in the heater box and blower motor but the radio speaker in in and hooked up. I think you may be able to see the rear license plate that says CORVAIR that was cut out with a water jet as was the Corvair emblem on the top of the trunk. You can see the seats in the car but they are just there so we could see what they look like. We did install the cover over the gas tank and then the rear deck lid over the top of it. We also got the radiator cap in and we installed it but we think the air cleaner may be to tall to fit under the hood when it is on and closed but if it don't fit I have a backup air cleaner that I know will clear the hood. we took the dash brow off and stripped the upholstery off of it and had to trim it down about 1/2 inch for clearance when the doors with the new door panels are installed so we shorten it.
Monday we will pretty much wrap things up and if we need it we still have Tuesday to work on finishing it up

March 11. 2015

Sorry for not sending updates to you and all the people who read the update on the car but I just got home from working on the car with Brett for about 36 to 40 Hrs. but one good thing is the Motorama Car is done. You can look at a few picks that Black Magic post and then when we get back from Amelia Island I will have pic and information for you all. It has been a fun project and I think I have a winner for a car. We are leaving at about 5:30 in the morning. I am, tired and I know Brett is so good night all and I hope you stay tuned for info anf pic when we get home the first part of next week. You may see a guy or 2 in the pic near the end and it is the 2 guys who painted the car and now that we are done they are polishing any clear coat scratches, this baby does shine.

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