March 2011

March 17, 2011

The 54 Corvette for the most part is stripped and awaiting it's turn to be put into the shop for the body to come off the frame. My 11 year old grandson has been a very big help removing gauges and items up under the dash. I will be putting the 54 into the trailer soon for storage till there is room in the shop for it. First I need to pull the trailer up, them pull the 67 Coupe out, back the trailer up to the garage door and hook the (wench) winch to the 54 and drag her up into the trailer. Strap her down and take it to where I store my trailer. Should only be about a month and there will be room for it to go to the shop. Till then not much will be happening. I will also load up the totes that have all the parts that will need re plating or replaced. I can feel that hand slipping into my wallet as I am writing. This will not be cheap but it will be more then worth it when it is finished. Till I deliver the 54 to the shop it is on HOLD. I will start writing again as work begins again.

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