June 2012

June 03, 2012

We are back working on the Motorama Car. Today was a big step if building this car. We cut the inside door panel off of the right side door. The reason for this id because this car is going to have roll up windows, not the regular side curtains. This also means that I just lost my Glove Box for the car as well. With the original inside door panels on the car there is non clearance for a window to go up and down. To replace it we had to use door panels from a later model Corvette. There are some extra holes on the new door panel that will have to be filled in but that is easy. The hard part was cutting out the old inside door panel and cutting the inside door panel off of a newer model Corvette and getting it to fie and grafting it into place. After you get the new panel to fit, now comes the job of mounting it to the original door skin and making secure and solid. There will be some filling in with fiber glass but this turned out great and the other side will be done next week and should go a little faster now that we have a better ides of how to do it. Every time we cut on the Corvette it makes me wonder if we are doing the right thing. The answer I keep telling myself is YES that when we are done this is going to be an outstanding looking Corvette (54 Motorama Corvair) that will be driven and many years of fun will be had with it. I can tell you that the first long trip will be the 2014 Caravan to the NCM with one of my good friends from Austria. Attached are a few pic of the new door panel on the original door. It is not done, there are more things that have to be done to it but these pic will give you a good idea of what it will look like when done.Yes the door is resting on top the hood of the car but at this point it makes a good work bench and besides it is close to the car for fitting the part onto the car to make sure it fits OK.More news later when more work is done to the project.

June 10, 2012

We started back on the Motorama Car again this morning. After last week redoing the passenger inside door panel so later down the road we will be able to put roll up windows in it we worked on the drivers door this week. A lot of people may say or ask what is taking so long to do something on this car but what you have to remember is when you chop-cut- and relocate fiberglass you now have to attach it and to do that and do it right it takes time for everything to cure. After that you will need to fill in holes and pretty things up and that will be coming soon. Anyway, we now have the drivers inside door panel put in place and we will be moving on to other parts of the car next. We may or may not work on the car next Sunday because of it being Father's Day so maybe I can get up to Vettedaddys place during the week and keep the ball rolling on this outstanding project. We are making good head way and moving along at a good pace.It is not easy to make a piece of history which is what I think this car will be when we are done. I also believe that if the old timers from GM were still around they would be kicking there self in the seat of there pants for not putting this car into production.

June 18, 2012

After taking off June 17th Fathers Day Brett and I started back on the 54 Motorama Car Monday the 18th. We put the door hinges on the car and started to attach the doors. After putting the doors on and taking them off several times trying to line up the door gaps we found out that the outer door skins on both sides are bowed outward. So we took the doors off again and now we have cut the bottom of both doors where we attached the inside door panels. Instead of pulling the inner door panels to the door skin we will be bringing the outer door skin to the inner door panels.There was and is still a large hole in the transmission tunnel where at one time someone had cut it out to install a 3 or 4 speed shifter for a 3 or 4 speed transmission. Brett had a transmission tunnel mold so we put a releasing agent on it and put down resin and fiber glass matting(3 layers) and Brett will pop it off after it hardens and we will cut out of it what we need to fill in and repair the hole that someone cut in the car.I hope you are enjoying following along as we recreate the historic car that I am sure GM wishes they had made. Updates will be posted as progress continues.

June 30, 2012

Today we continued working on the doors and moved onto the trunk opening. The 54 doors has no opening at the top of the doors for window glass so we had cut the opening at the door tops as few weeks ago. Today, we modified the door tops with pieces from 56-60 doors. This will allow the window glass to raise through the top of the door. The only other structure modification to the doors left to do is the area where the dash ends meet the front door shell. There is a relief pocket for the dash to clear the door.
The picture of the door provided in the last installment we made shows the door in the open position and the door panel configuration as well. There are no GM archive pictures that show any other door shell/panel configuration was ever used. The inner door shells "were" designed like the 56-60 configuration as evident by the GM picture previously provided to this web site. Any claim to the contrary cannot be proven with GM archive pictures. Furthermore, the 1954 Removable hardtop show car owned by Bruce Iggulden, also has the same door shell/panel configuration as the "door open pic" provided previously. We also worked on the rain gutter at the rear of the roof where the roof and trunk meet. This will allow the weather stripping to have a place to rest when the trunk is shut. The trunk lid will open like a conventional C1 Corvette trunk lid, as there are no GM archive pictures to prove any other opening configuration ever existed. The pictures of the real Motorama fastback also show the lower trunk latch lock cylinder still present as well, as proof that the trunk lid did open and latch in the conventional C1 Corvette manner. Next week, complete doors and trunk rain gutter.t

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