July 2013

July 14, 2013

We finally got back to working on the Fastback today. We were slowed down while waiting on the new windshield lower channel and Brett working on his commitments. Today, we sanded the primer smooth and applied mold wax. The wax was buffed slick and Polyvinyl Alcohol applied as a mold release agent. The PVA is a transparent green film that is a water based product that washes off after use. The mold will be made of several sections and will take several days to complete due to making the flanges that hold the mold parts together. It will be a complex mold but will come apart very nicely. The less stress on the mold, the longer it will last. We are now very confident of the new roof line and all of the modifications that we made for head height and overall structural integrity.
Time to start laying fiberglass and resin. Let the fun begin!

July 21, 2013

Sat. night July 20th was kind of a long night for Brett to put in support walls so we could start laying fiberglass matting on Sunday morning and after he was up late doing that he got up early Sunday morning and put gel coat on the sections that we were going to lay fiberglass matting to. He had to get up early so as to give the gel coat time to set up and get tacky. We started about 10:00 am by ripping off sections of fiberglass mat so we would no have to stop in the process and rip more. You can see by the pic this is a new full roll of fiberglass mat. Taking about 4 1/2 hr. we each put on 5 layers of fiberglass mat on both rear outer quarters panels. We will let this set for a day or two depending on the weather and how long it takes for it to set up so we can block off another section and lay another 5 layers of fiberglass mat. You have to remember, we are making a mold of which we will then make the full top and rear surround in one piece. Then it will be installed on the car permanently to the rest of the body just like they installed it back in 1953 for the 54 Motorama car.  More pics and information will be coming soon.

July 26, 2013

The left rear quarter and now has 5 layers of fiberglass matting on it. Because of the size of this mold and al the twist and turns and corners this is having to be made in sections or you would never be able to get the mold separated from the original body panels. You can see all the brakes that are having to be put in, in order to be able to separate this. It takes time to figure out and install the brake so we will be able to take it apart without braking anything. You can see the bright Orange is the releasing agent and then you can see where it is a dark dull orange, well that is all the fiberglass matting we have put on it. Enjoy, there is more to come.

July 31, 2013

Today Brett spent 4 hours setting up the right rear side of the quarter panel to lay fiberglass on. Now we have a matched pair of quarter panels. It is so important to make sure that the fiberglass matting is thick enough so when we make the top off of this mold that we are making now that the top will not break the mold when trying to separate them. It takes a minimum or 5 layers of fiberglass matting to make sure the mold will be strong. So figure about 1 hour per layer so there is another 5 hours work just in laying fiberglass matting. It will not be long now before this mold is finished and cured and ready to separate from the car. Enjoy the pic because this is going to be one classic Motorama Car.

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