July 2011

July 31, 2011

Sorry it has been so long but the shop I am putting the 54 Vette into has had some trouble finishing up a 55, 54 and a 53 Corvette. He should be shipping out the 53 sometime this week so my 54 Motorama Project will go in the following week.

First thing we will do is go thru all the parts that my grandson and I have taken off the car and then finish stripping the car. All parts not needed to build the Motorama Car will be sold. Some will go to Corvettes at Carlisle and will be on our booth space M153-155 and I already have a buyer for some parts. After stripping the car then the fun begins. The hatchback top will be fitted to the car.We know there will have to be some adjustments made for head clearance. We will probably adjust the top we have now and then build a new correct mold from it then make another top for the car. By doing this we will be changing the top and trunk design somewhat. But it will make it right. Why build a car that there is no head clearance room in.

While we are fitting the top to the car, this is where it becomes a $$$ pit. I will be sending out the chrome and stainless to be polished and re-chromed. For some things it will be cheaper to buy REPRO then have the original refinished. Tires have been ordered and will be picked up at Corvettes at Carlisle. A list of parts will be made and ordered. After the top and trunk are fitted to the car correctly the body will come off and the frame stripped and set out to be sand blasted along with the wheels and powder coated. New suspension and front disc brakes will be ordered along with brake lines and gas lines etc.

Pic, yes pic will follow as soon as it is in the shop in a couple of weeks and the stripping begins.

Please follow along as new life comes to a dead car. This is not going to be an over night project. My friend (Brett Henderson of Blue Flame Restorations) lives about 45 min north of me and he is also working on this car while trying to do other cars to bring in a pay check for his family. You can bet that when it is finished it will be right.

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