January 2015

January 06. 2015

We now have all the glass for the Motorama car I picked it up on Monday 1/5/15 and have it all at my home but will take it to the shop where the car is so we can pre fit the windshield before sending to paint and also make sure all the other glass fits as it should. The fewer things to go wrong after the car is painted the less chance we have of doing something to scratch the car by correcting a mistake that we would have to fix after paint.
Pic will be after the next time I go up to work on the car. Paint shop is in sight and the car will be there soon.

January 11. 2015

Today was a short day because one of the things we needed to have did not come in yet and it should be here Monday. As you can see from the 3 pic that our chrome did come in. The chrome shop said they would bump our things to the front of the line and that they did. The window trim and B pillars were hand made and then chromed in about one week and ready to go on the car.
We are waiting on Vette Bond so we can attached the outer door skins to the door shells. That will give the door shells a lot of stability so we can line up the door for opening and closing. Also this week all the glass came in and the glass company also bumped us to the front of there line because I kind of sweet talked the lady plus I explained to her how important it is for us to get the glass back in a hurry. Even with the Christmas and New Years Holidays they still managed to get our glass made in about one week.
You can see the parts that were hand made and were chromed and I think they look outstanding. With out Vette Bond coming in Monday (I hope because we are do to have some Ice and Sleet and Snow) we will work back on the car again this Wednesday and finish up next Sunday Jan. 18th and will send the car to the paint shop on Monday Jan. 19th.
Brett has all the cars that he restores (that all Top Flight and Bloomington Gold) painted by this one paint shop and has never asked that they do a paint job for him as soon as they can, till this car. When the car is dropped off Brett will ask the owner to please move the car to the front of any other cars that they have that need painted and will explain why. I am sure that they will be surprised when Brett brings in a car that is not painted white. All the 53 and the 55 Corvettes he has taken to them have all been painted white and I am sure they will somewhat flip out when this car comes in and is painted Crystal Red Metallic in Base Coat Clear Coat. Also because of the style of the car rather then an all original 53-55 White Corvette. Stay with us for a couple more weeks and see what a change comes to the Motorama Car when paint is applied.

January 15. 2015

It is a bust week because we are wanting to get the car to the paint shop on Monday 1/19/15 so they will have time to do us the quality paint job that they always do for us. You can look at the pic and see that we have been busy making window trim for the rear window and also both side door windows and the (what I call) 1/4 windows just behind the door windows. After the trim was made we had to have it chromes and ready or the car. Mean while we have had all the glass made for the car and it has turned out great. The company did an outstanding job making the window glass off of the molds that we have made for them. When I went to pickup the window glass I also picked up the molds we made for the glass company. This way we keep control of the window molds. You can see in the pic where we have fitted the headlight buckets and have had to add filler in some areas and sand down in other areas to get a perfect fit around the headlight rings. You can also see where we have test fitted the tail lights to make sure the holes are the right size and that the holes for the bolt studs are in the correct spot also. You can also see in the pic where we have installed the power motors for the power windows and the operate just fine and very smooth even with the door glass installed in the window tracks. It has been a busy week and will also be a busy weekend to finish up the last of the detail and do one more coat of primer and one finish sanding before loading it up Monday morning for paint. I am sure I will shoot some more pic and have more information for you all before the car leaves Monday morning. Keep on watching as we near the end of this build.

January 20. 2015

As in the last post we were hoping to send the car to the paint shop on 1-19-15 and that did not happen. We had a little trouble with both doors closing properly. They were hitting the latch's to low and also hitting the fiberglass before hitting the door strikers. But you have to remember the only thing about the doors that are original are the door hinges. All the inner and outer door shells we made and glued together and then we put in power windows where we had to have the glass made by the same company that made the windshield. Because the original Motorama car had a push button to open the doors with we had to figure out how to do that and make sure that we placed the chrome button to push in to open the doors with we had to make sure the holes were drilled in the correct spots so we could open and close the doors. We also had a little trouble adjusting the doors to make sure all the gaps were correct and looked even all around both doors. With Brett's experience in restoring these cars we worked on them and worked on them tell both doors open and close without hitting anything and open and close very smoothly and now they do. We have also test fitted the chrome and tail lights and the headlight buckets with the headlight bezels to make sure we had good fits in all the areas where the chrome met up with the body and the areas that didn't fit correctly we added or sanded away fiberglass to make all the areas fit. We also have the door push buttons in place and working great where there is no drag on the bezel around the push buttons. Trust me the next person that Brett builds a Motorama Car for will not have to go thru all the trial and errors that we went thru building this first car. But who ever that person will be will have to remember that none of these 53-55 Corvettes are the same and there will always be things that will not work as they should or line up like it should or just give you trouble because they are Corvettes. In the pic you can see the door button and it is in place and hooded up and working just like the original Motorama Car did back in Jan. of 1954 when it started it's tour around to all the Motorama Shows that GM took it to.

January 25. 2015

Today was an exciting day when I got to the shop Brett had already been out there working for several hours. He had filler in all the little imperfections in both doors and was making the shelf to put the window sweep in the inside of both doors. We had already put the window sweeps on the outside of the window track on both doors. After getting that taken care of there is always little things that have to be touched up and pin holes that need to be filled and sanded. Brett had already fit the female part of the trunk loch into place and had it lubed and working as it should. After doing all the little touch up things on the car it is now going to the paint shop in the morning.
Some of you may think that this has been an ongoing build and in some ways it was but you have to realize that we only worked on the car 1 day a week and there were a couple month that we did nothing to the car so Brett could stay caught up with the cars that he restores for his business. So if you go back and look at the time we did not work on the car and match it up to the time we did work on the car it really was not all that long. So now the cars goes to paint in the morning and the motor is built so just before the car comes back from paint I will take the chassis up to Brett's so we can finish putting on the gas lines and the brake lines as well as installing the motor and transmission. At that point we will get measurements and get a drive shaft made for it while it is at the upholsterers shop having the custom interior made and installed for the car.
After the car is painted you will get pic of certain things and areas but not a full pic of the car done and on the chassis and with all the interior and trim on the car. All of those pic will come after the car goes to the Amelia Island Concourse d'Elegance the middle of March. Enjoy the pic and I hope that you have enjoyed the build of this car up to this point.

This morning on Monday morning about 10:00 am the flat bed truck came to pickup the Motorama Car to take it to paint. As you can see in the pic we has gotten some rain & ice & snow last night and there is still some left on the roads and streets and yards so I let a flat bed truck hauler come pickup the car and take it to paint. They will have it about one week and then we will set the motor on the chassis and the steering column and then set the body on the chassis and send it to the upholstery shop for them to do there magic. When they paint the car at the paint shop they will call me and I will drive there and watch them paint the car and take pic again at that time and pass them on also. While the flatbed was driving down the road we were behind it and the car looked like something out of the gangster days from the back. I think if you put these pic next to any other car that has been built like this and along side the original car that GM built in late1953 for the 1954 Motorama you will see that the lines and roof lines are closer to the original then anything else that Bob Mangold or anyone else has built. We feel this is as close to the original that GM built then any other car out there.
Keep looking back at the web site and you may see pic of the car while it is being painted.

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