February 2015

February 09. 2015

The lower dash was painted this morning and they may be able to painting the top of the dash tonight. If it is not dry they will paint the top of the dash on Tuesday and let it set to dry and paint the rest of the car on Wednesday. More pic will come as progress is made. Just keep checking back to the web site and see what is going on next.

February 11. 2015

If you have ever built a car or restored one you know that there are days when all you get done is running, well today was another one of those days. With only one month to get before the car is to be at Amelia Island we are still trying to get things all together. Today we picked up the motor but we will have to put a hi temp heat primer on it before painting it, but at least we have the motor and we also have the transmission it also will need de-greased and painted. For those of you who are numbers people this motor will interest you. Check out the stamp pad information along with the intake numbers and letters as well the block numbers and letters.
We stopped at the company that will be painting the car this morning and all that was done was the lower part of the dash. After taking the motor back to Bret's and putting it on a motor stand then going to see about having some water jet work done and grabbing a fast lunch we stopped back by the paint company and the car was in the paint booth being painted so we left because the painter has a little thing where he does not like anyone watching him paint. If he sees you watching he will STOP. So we left and came back later and he was down to putting on the last coat of clear on the car. I did get in the paint room (just for a second) at the rear and took a couple pic the came out of the paint booth and went to the front and took a couple pic from the outside of the booth looking in thru the dirty glass. They will check it out in the morning and see if there is any touching up they have to do while they are buffing it out. So we will have the body back shortly but. But from there it goes to the upholstery shop for them to do there thing before coming back to be put on the chassis and body together.

February 12. 2015

This morning Brett went to the paint shop and took a couple pic of the car in paint. It sure looks a lot different then when it had no paint or when it was in primer. Not the paint shop will look it over and fix any spots if there are any that need repaired in the paint. While they are doing that the motor is getting a coat of a special primer that sinks into the metal and then it will be painted also. this primer and paint will stay looking like new for many many years.

February 12. 2015

Now you can see the motor for the Motorama car in primer. after it dries it will be painted in the color that we think the engineers would have painted the motor back in late 1953 just before the 1954 Motorama car showing and before all the pictures were taken. In out research know where have we ever came across any pic of the motor so we have to go with what we think GM would have done.

February 12. 2015

This morning Brett went to the paint shop and took a couple pic of the car in paint. It sure looks a lot different then when it had no paint or when it was in primer. Not the paint shop will look it over and fix any spots if there are any that need repaired in the paint. While they are doing that the motor is getting a coat of a special primer that sinks into the metal and then it will be painted also. this primer and paint will stay looking like new for many many years.

February 12. 2015

Like I said before this is going to be like a blurrrr from here on out to get the car together and on it's way to Amelia Island in mid March. After putting on a hi temp primer on the motor this early afternoon now this evening the motor is painted. Keep following the site daily.

February 13. 2015

Today we went back to the paint company and the car and other parts were out of the paint booth so here are a few pic of it in some pretty good light. Afterwards we had to go to several different places to get some things done and to check on some other thing to see if they were done or not and it was or not. Sat I will be taking the chassis up to Bret's and unloading it there to finish up putting it together before the body gets set on it after the body comes back from the upholstery shop. Like I said before keep checking back daily because this build will be going pretty fast now.

February 16. 2015

Today the transmission got cleaned and painted. Tuesday the car body comes back to the shop to have the windows installed in it before going to the Upholstery shop. While it is at the upholstery shop the motor will be installed into the chassis along with the transmission, but only after the brake lines and gas lines are installed. Like I said before you may want to follow the build day by day because it is going to go fast now.

February 18. 2015

From now until unveiling at Amelia Island Concourse d'Elegance (middle of March)
just small snapshots will be shown

Today the car (body) came back to the shop for a short stay. It will be loaded into my trailer Wed. morning and going to the Upholstery Shop where the will have it for a few days. As of right now we or on time for Amelia Island Concourse Show in mid March. Here is one pic of the car freshly painted.

Also today we finished up installing the rear and side window glass. After it was installed the car went to the Upholstery Shop where it will stay for a while why all the upholstery work is done or at least the head liner. If the head liner is installed we can then bring the car back to the shop and start putting it together. Keep checking in to see updated added to the site.

February 21. 2015

The last 2 days have been kind of a catch as catch can by taking all the parts that have been stored at Brett's shop and all the parts that have been stored at my home and putting them together. After laying out all the parts on a 4x8 sheet of plywood in sections to see what all we had and what we did not have. After seeing what we need and did not have it was a phone call for parts and they should be here soon now. Steve the engine builder and he and Brett installed the motor and transmission to the chassis. Steve is going to build a special plate for mounting the rear of the transmission and the rest seamed to fit just right. Stay tuned for next week to see what all happen as we start making this look like the original 1954 Corvair Motorama Car.

February 23. 2015

Today we POR 15 Gray Cast manifold painted the manifolds and heated them with a propane torch and let them cool so that are ready to go on the motor. Using POR 15 the exhaust manifolds will look like knew for a very long time. Also today the front brakes were installed along with the new brake lines. All new grease fittings were also installed along with the battery tray holder. We should be starting the car in the next couple days. Keep checking in and see the improvements that are made day to day. We have transmission fluid ready to go in the transmission and 50/50 anti freeze to go into the radiator and a special oil ready to go into the car to brake the motor in. All this will be added in the next day or 2.

February 24-25. 2015

On 2-24-2015 the carb was set in place and not bolted down so we could check for hood clearance. Wow is it going to be close but it will fit. Next the Tar Top Battery was set in place only to find out it was to long and would set to close to the exhaust manifold so I sold the battery to the engine builder Steve and he is buying me a correct size battery. Steve also is taking the battery tray apart and moving it about 1 1/2 inches over then welding it back together so we will have extra clearance from the exhaust manifold. There were a few other little things that we had to work around. This is normal with any car rebuild and with this one going from a 6 cyl. to a V 8 there are or were things that had to be changed before it all works out. The upholstery shop has the car right now and they have the headliner installed and are working on the rest of the car. We should have it back on Thursday or Friday of this week.
Today 2-25-2015 We are doing more work to the motor to get it going and looking correct . We did get some thing done today but have a little more to do before starting the motor. The car comes back on Thursday 2-26-15 from the upholstery shop and we will start putting things on the body till Monday when we get access to a lift to pickup the body and set it down on the chassis. Keep following along to see what happens next. We did get another battery today and it will fit the battery tray but we did cut and move the 2 brackets for mounting so now it needs powder coating again. We did get the drive shaft built and got it back today an it will also go Thursday to the Powder Coat Company to be done. If you have ever restored a car then you know what we are going thru, there is always one more thing that has to be done. We will have it done in time to go to FL. to the Amelia Island Concourse Event.

February 26, 2015

Today was a big day, about 2:30 this afternoon we picked up the car at the upholstery shop. They are still working on door panels and carpet and seat covers plus they are going to make me floor mats for the car. That is Ok all we need is the car with the headliner installed in it. Now we are going to start putting in items like the radio and rear view mirror and speaker grill and other dash items plus the chrome defrost outlet rings. The motor is very close to being started the carb is on and the fuel pump along with most all the other parts. We will set the body on the chassis the first of the week after the steering column is installed. Keep following along as this is going to be a fast build now. From now until finish only small tid-bits of photos will be published

February 28, 2015

Today was an exciting day. Putting on the chrome on the body and also adding items to the dash. As of now things are fitting real good with little changes or modifications to make things work. You can see the headlight screens and bezels and headlight buckets. They are just setting there and not bolted in yet. We picked up the steering column from the paint shop where they had to repaint the column because it was not smooth, but now it is smooth and slick. We also have the steering wheel that looks fantastic but it will be one of the last things that we install. We had to order a few more small parts and they will be here the first of next week. I dropped off the radiator support and had it sand blasted and from there I took it to the powder coat company and that also will be done the first of the week. Also the rear cardboard in the trunk was painted and is now in place. We also repainted the engine bay and the wheel wells and the under body black again. It was all painted one time and with sanding dust and paint over spray. Now it all looks like new and fresh again.

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