February 2013

February 3, 2013

After talking about 8 weeks off from working on the Motorama car it is time to get back to work. Bret had to finish a customers car so it could go to the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee FL. and Brett and I went down to the NCRS Event as well as the Mecum Auction. Anyway starting back to work on the cold (16 degree) morning we took the doors off of the car again to start filling in areas on the inside panel with fiberglass to smooth it out. Next we put the lip on the trunk drain trough so water will not be coming into the trunk if I am ever caught in the rain. We also started filling in some of the imperfections in the body. This process of filling imperfections will probably happen several times till the body is a smooth as glass. Working on the doors will take up a lot of time, we will have to make sure that the the latches are in the proper place so when the doors close they will latch. All of this will take some time but better to do it now and do it right then to have a mess later down the road. You have to remember that we are going to make molds off of the fastback roof and doors and rear surround and have already make a mold off of the trunk lid. By doing this we will make the body stronger and there will be less chance that if the body would flex that anything would crack. If you just mount the fastback roof onto the body when ever the body would flex (like crossing a R R track or hitting a large pot hole) there would be a good chance what where the top and body are attached they would crack or at least the paint would crack. If it is all one piece that will not happen. Because of not working on the car for several weeks we will be working extra days on the car to get back on track and get caught up to where we should be. That means more post and more pic.

February 7, 2013

Today was the day to finally work on the door latch body modifications. This was huge. We knew that we had to do this but wasn't exactly sure how much modification to the door jam would be required. We didn't want to have to cut too much structure out of the door area and then have to add it back in later. We started with left and right 56-62 door sill/latch fiberglass pieces. Brett had one and we had to buy the other. Being that we modified the doors to be a hybrid of the 53-55 and 56-60, we had to modify the door jam on the body.
The door jam pieces are just "roughed in". There will be a piece added to each door jam that will make the latch area look like the factory produced it. Again, it is just cut, fit and bonded in place in the pictures. As you can see from the pics, there is a metal section that is riveted to the fiberglass door shell. These pieces are stock for the 56-62 doors. This metal piece is what the male door latch attaches to. We saved these when we made the hybrid doors. Today we cut and riveted them back into the doors shells. The biggest reason for using the 56-62 door latches is because we will be able to have a push button to open the door with and also so we can lock the doors. These door latches are also a better design than the 53-55 latches.The parts for these door latches are also reproduced and readily available.

February 11, 2013

Today was the day to complete the door jams and the rear rain gutter beneath the rear window. The door jam modification was done last week. The cosmetics still needed completed though. After making a template for each side, the filler pieces were cut from fiberglass sheet. The pieces were then trimmed and glued into place. The goal was for the finished product to look like GM did it back in the day. There are still a few imperfections to tend to and the latch holes in the drivers side are the product of an old 1956 race car's battle scars. NOTE: The holes for the latches will be taped over when the mold is made, so fixing them just wasn't worth the time. The door jams and roof structure will be removed from the car when the new roof mold is installed anyway. The door jam areas will be part of the new roof mold. The roof mold will include all of the following pieces as "one complete piece"
* Door jams
* Roof
* Rear upper surround panel
* Lower valance
All 4 hubcaps had for the most part been masked off and that was completed today as well and then the lines in the hubcaps were painter the same color as the car will be painted. We will let the masking tape stay on the hubcaps over night so the paint will harden and then we will pull off all masking tape and hopefully we will not have to do any touch up on them. That remains to be seen. Oh as far as the color. the car will be painted Crystal Red Metallic & the interior will be done in Crystal Red Metallic and Cream. We think this will give the Motorama Car real Class. Instead of wasting filler you can see from the pic that any left over filler that we are not using on an area we put it on the body to help fill in some of the imperfections in the body, like small cracks or small holed in the fiber glass. Keep checking in to continue to see the progress as it unfolds. We also finalized the lower windshield channel and trim design that will flow into the A-pillars and house the windshield and gasket. It's time to move onto the door window frames next.

February 17, 2013

By looking at the pics of the work that was done today you may say What The Hell Did You Do? Well skim coats of Bondo were applied to the hood, both front fenders, dash and the front end of the car for starters. Next Bondo was applied to the inner door panel as well as all three sides of the doors. Now the fun began's, Sand Sand Sand and more hand sanding. After the Bondo set up on the doors and it was sanded down then thin skim coats of Bondo were added to fill in areas to make them smooth and even. Remember we are not going to use these doors, we are going to make molds off of the doors also. This is being done so any future cars that may be built will be correct for putting in door glass and if the person wants electric windows can be added as well. The Motorama Car door glass had a frame around it and the old 54 Corvette door would not work so they were customized as well. There is one door that still has to have the last skim coat of Bondo sanded off of it before the door glass and brackets are put in the doors to get a correct fit before molds are make from the doors. Now the hood. The hood had a second skim coat of Bondo applied to it today and after letting it set to dry, yeah you guessed it. Sand Sand Sand and more Sand then a few small spots had to have more Bondo filler applied and sanded again. There still has to be work done to the backside of the hood because a mold will be made off of the hood (both sides) as well and then glued together. Why you may ask? Well the hood on the Motorama had what looked to be non functioning hood scoops on it, one on each side of the hood and we are going to build them and mount them on this hood them make a new mold from the hood so again just like the fastback roof where it is added to the body it will not crack when put under stress at some point because it will be all one piece. The dash has had it's first coat of Bondo skim coat applied to it today but it will not be sanded till next week. Our arms are tired. Yes, arms. All this sanding was done my hand. After all the areas are sanded more primer will be added to the car and yes, more sanding. More updates and pics will be added as more work is done, enjoy the build

February 25, 2013

I am sure that most all of you have heard the saying Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. Well not every day can be a winner. After all the finish repair work done to the doors last week we thought we had better mount the doors on the car and check for clearance. Good thing we checked but bad thing was the clearance. What a disappointment when we closed the doors the area that we had repaired last week now hits and the door will not close correctly. Well out with the saw and cut it out and make a few changes and Vette Bond the change back into place and let it setup for about 30 min. and see if it works. Well after re hanging the doors after the repair was made there is the amount of clearance in place that we needed. Remember last week where we had sore arms from sanding and sanding and sanding, well guess what. Yep more sanding on the body. We filled in all the little imperfections before calling it a day last week and that all had to be sanded . Dam my arms are getting tired. After finishing that this car you would think is about ready to paint, WRONG. We are hoping to finish up the doors next week and probably put another coat of primer on the car and check for anymore defects. Most of you may think that we are doing a lot of sanding and primer and sanding and more primer and we are just going to use these parts to make molds from. Well if the molds are as perfect as we can make them, then when we go to make the new doors or hood or trunk lid or fastback top and rear surround we are hoping that when we pop the finished parts out of these molds there will be little if any thing that we will have to do to then before mounting them on the car and getting it ready to paint. We most likely will start making trunk lids off of the trunk lid mold when we work on the car next as well as finish the doors. The pic are showing the backtracking we had to do today and then some more of the progress that was made by days end

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