February 2011

February 06, 2011

I posted on several Corvette sites that I would be selling parts off of the 54 Corvette that I would not need to build the 54 Corvair Motorama Car. With in one week I had sold the rear end and shipped it to WA. state and then started getting e-mails and phone calls about other parts that I might be selling. The transmission sold fast and so did the aftermarket hard top. The transmission was delivered to Goodlettsville TN. where another 54 Corvette owner met me to pick it up as I was on my way to Kissimmee FL. to the NCRS Winter Event. The hard top and a few other parts went to there new owner in Kissimmee. I received a call before I left for FL. from a guy wanting to know what all I had left For Sale. He wanted to know if I would send him an e-mail list telling all that I had. I did and also told him that I may have left out a few things but what ever I had left out would go with all the other parts. I told him the price that I wanted for everything. He said he would take it and has sent me a deposit check. We are now waiting on better weather to come along so he will be able to come and pickup everything that he has bought. Which should be in a couple of weeks. As soon as all the parts are out of my way I will start taking the 54 Corvette apart to ready it for the transformation.I have to go to the hospital this week 3 different times for test to see what is causing all the pain I am having in my back and neck but I am not going to let this stop me from going thru with this project. So for right now because of the weather and space things are put on hold for a short time. As soon as progress starts there will be more pic and postings.

February 12, 2011

Started stripping the 54 today. Worked on it a couple hours till my back started hurting. I did get the hood off of it. It was latched down and I got it loose. Took the male hood brackets off and started stripping the engine compartment. Took out the horns, grill, (which I have already bought a new grill for it) grill oval, windshield washer bracket, radiator and bracket, some relays and other small parts. I am waiting on the guy who bought all the parts that I will not be using to come pick up his parts so I will have more room to work. I have the trunk lid off and convertible top frame off and setting in the cock pit waiting to be picked up. I do believe that the car has a couple of original tires on it. The two on the drivers side (left) have lost most all there air and the car is setting there kind of leaning to one side. The wife said something to me about it and I told her that it was lowering itself on one side so she could get in and have a better look. I don't know why she didn't think that was funny. Oh well she will get over it.

February 13, 2011

Here are pics of the Corvair Motorama Car as it is setting in the garage now. You can see that there has been a lot of parts taken off of the car and there are still a lot more to come off before the body comes off. I am just plugging away at it a little at a time so i don't get burnt out working on it all at one time. Besides there are totes of parts that are sold and in my way and the owner of them will be down to pick them up soon. Then I can really get busy on it.

February 22, 2011

February 22nd has been a busy but a good day. My 11yr. old grandson call me this morning and asked if I was going to work on the car today and if I was could he help. The reason this was kind of strange is because he don't like to get dirty or greasy. I told him to come on up and I had a few jobs on the car that he could help me with. I had him remove the rear tail lights and he did a great job. Now on to more things. He helped me remove the gas line to the gas tank and remove the gas tank straps. Now we took the gas tank out. WOW was the smell of Kerosene strong. After all what ever gas was left in the car back in 1967 has now turned to Kerosene and evaporated out. We removed the sending unit that is in the tank. Wow that stinks so we just set it back in to help kill the smell. We also stuffed a rag in the fill neck to help hold down the smell. Guess I should take it down and have it boiled out and checked for any leaks. I thought my grandson would loose it when he smelled that but he didn't. I am proud of him. After setting the gas tank in the trunk I had him crawl under the dash and start removing all the gauges in the dash. With my bad back he sure helped me out by doing that. We also remover the windshield wiper motor, master cylinder, parking lights, gas door and fill tube, deck lid door release latches and 1/2 moon section in the trunk. All in all it was a good day. My grandson and I got to spend several hours together and we both enjoyed it. He even asked if he could help again. I think he is going to be a car guy with a little help from grandpa.

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