December 2014

December 07, 2014

Today was kind of a slow day, something that we don't need. I had ordered some parts to put the chassis together with that I had forgotten and they did come in on time. Now we laid everything out so we could make sure we had all the parts to put the chassis together with and there was a couple small parts missing but nothing to stop us from putting it together, EXCEPT. After starting to put items together we found out that the powder coat company did not cover the threads on a few parts and that was not good. What happens is the grooves in the threads fill full of powder coating and when it is heated it melts to a liquid and then when it cools it hardens and I do mean hardens and you can not screw the parts together. All the powder coating has to be cleaned out of the threads. It is hard to do and very time consuming. So now I have ordered the last couple parts we need to put the chassis together with and they should be in by Wed. this week and Brett is going to start putting it together, We also left the wheels at the powder coat company to see if he could find a color to match the color of the car and powder coat the wheels. He could not find the color so now the wheels are at the paint shop for them to paint and hopefully I can get them this week and put the tires on the wheels and if all works out like we hope it will I should have a rolling chassis next weekend. Enjoy the pic and just keep following the progress. Remember after the chassis is rolling and the body is painted I will show pic of both but as soon as the body is on the chassis I will keep sending information to George but not pics. The next pic you will see is when the car is all together and done and setting in Florida at the Amelia Island Concourse d' Elegance Event on the Golf Course. I will send a ton of pics and also post a ton of pics on Corvette Forum.

December 10, 2014

To day was a run day. We went over to the paint shop and picked up wheels. The powder coat company could not match the color close enough that the average person could not see the difference so we had to have them painted. I have the wide white wall tires that go on them and I will get them installed before the weekend. Also went to the powder coat company to pickup the 2 A frame parts that got scuffed when we had to dig out the powder coating that was in the threads. After that we went to the upholstery shop to check and make sure to colors we picked out some time back are the correct colors to match up to the paint on the wheels. The color we had picked out some time back was a little off. Only by one step in color. Then we looked at the lighter color that we are going to use for the seats etc. and it was a little to shiny so we stepped it down one shade and it looked spot on. So now you are seeing the wheels that are painted the same color as the car will be painted. We believe that this is almost the exact color that General Motors used on the car when it went to New York to the Waldorf Motorama Hotel to show off there 1954 show cars for the year. For those of you who do not know this car was painted a couple different colors after leaving the Waldorf and then it went south to Florida to the Motorama there to show off there cars for the year and then to California where it was re-painted again to the west coast Motorama. I believe the last trip for it was from California to Canada and I believe it was left the Sea Foam Green color that it was painted to be sent to California. After the tires are on the wheels next is get the chassis ready so the wheels can go on it to make a rolling chassis. It is all about putting back together now

December 16, 2014

It is time that we have a ROLLER. After getting the tires mounted on the wheels that are painted the same color as the car is going to be painted. It is now time to get the chassis put together to make a roller so we can get it out of Brett's shop and he can take another 53 Corvette Chassis apart because the body for it is already painted and awaiting a clean sand blasted and powder coated chassis. You can see that we have my chassis together and rolling and we put it into my enclosed trailer and it now is at my home waiting a body to put on it. I have the windshield mold in the garage and will be taking it to the guy who will be making the windshield for the Motorama car. The rain getter is being put on the drivers side of the car today and the right side or passenger side will be put on this week. The (B) pillars were also put in place this week and by the end of this week the (B) pillars and a few other small parts will be sent to be chromed. The chroming shop knows that we are under the gun as far as time and said they would bump our things to the front of the line to get chromed. I will take more pic of the chassis and 1 or 2 pic of the body before and 1 or 2 pic after the body comes back from paint and then that is all the pic you will see. I will still send information to George to post and when the car is finished and at Amelia Island we will take a lot of pic of the car finished and with the motor in it, which is in the process of being built now. I will post pic of the chassis with the motor and transmission installed on the chassis and have George post then when we get them installed. There is still a lot of things that have to be done and put on the car and as there finished and ready to be installed on the chassis or body I will get pic and have them posted. But remember the car all put together will not happen till it gets to Amelia Island in March. We promised Amelia Island Event that there event would be the first time the car will be seen by anyone other then us who are working on it trying to get it done for there show in March.I hope you are enjoying the build of this car and I hope that you like what you see. We are trying to make this as close to original as we can but still make it a little more road worthy and safe to drive.Keep following this site and the continuation of the build of the 1954 Motorama Car.

December 17, 2014

You also see several pic of the mold that Brett made for the glass company will use to make the windshield for the car and also the chassis setting in my garage trying to keep clean and dirt and dust free till we are ready put the body on the chassis.

December 23, 2014

As you can see the door and side rear trim has been made and will be finish welded detailed out and then sent to the Chrome Shop who will be bumping our items that need chromed to the front of the line because they know that we are in a time crunch. I spoke with the glass company on Monday 12-22-14 and they told me that they broke 1/2 of there mold to make our windshield. Now with Christmas only a couple days away and there shop will be closed from Christmas Eve till the following Monday all we can do is set back and wait for them to repair there 1/2 of the mold so they can get the windshield made. I hate it that they broke 1/2 of there mold but better there 1/2 then breaking the mold that Brett make and we gave to them. Brett put several hours hard work into making that mold and getting correct so when we do get our windshield back from our supplier that it will fit with no problems fitting correctly.
We are hoping to get the body into the paint shop next week or the first week of January. We figure they will have it about a week then off to the Upholstery Shop for a week to 10 days then back to us where we hope to have the drive line installed so we can set the body back in place on the chassis. Then it is assembly time. I hope you are enjoying the building of this car and it just shows that no matter what the dream is but with enough time, work and money just about anything can be done. I just thank goodness that I have one of the most talented car restorers and car builders there is building this car that GM dropped the ball on and should have put into productionAnd a few pics that show all the window trim for the rear window and side windows are done. Just have to have them chromed and we are on our way.

December 27, 2014

As you can see there are a couple changes from the last pic posted. You now see the B pillar in place and the door glass trim and the rear 1/4 glass trim is in place. Yes it will be getting chromed but like I said in pas post the chrome shop is working with us knowing that we are in a little bit of a time crunch so he is moving all that we bring in to the front of the line. You can also see the outer door skin has been put on and trimmed and getting closer and closer day by day ready to go get a paint job. Keep looking in from time to time to see more increases as we get closer and closer to paint and then final assembly.

December 29, 2014

As you can see from the pic we are getting down to the nitty gritty. We are making sure the B pillars are strong, straight and in line along with other trim on the car, You can see where we had to add a little to the trunk lid so it would close even and leave no gaps when it is closed. Also making sure the trim around the door and side windows are fitting before taking it off and taking it to the chrome shop. All patterns are made for the door and side glass as well as the rear window also. I will take the patterns over on Monday and give them to the glass company so the rest of the glass can be made and fitted to the car. I will also check on the windshield to see if they have repaired or made a new mold to make the windshield for the car. They made a mold for them off of the mold we made for them to use and when they went to make the windshield, somehow and I do not know how they broke 1/2 of there mold they had made. Lucky it was not a mold we made. You can also see that the headlight buckets and headlight rings are mounted to make sure there is a good fit before sending the car to paint. There is some work that will have to be done to the car to make it fit up flush to the headlight bucket and bucket rings. You want to get all this done before painting because if you have the car painted and something don't fit or there is a big gap you do not want to be doing body work on the car after paint. That would make for an expensive mess plus the car would have to be re-painted and that would be very expensive. It pays off to do it right the first time rather then do it and have to redo it again and again because you are in a hurry. Keep coming back and seeing what is being done in the next couple weeks. Remember after the car is painted you will see one pic of the body in paint and then you will only be able to read what is going on by putting the car together. There will be a lot of pic taken at Amelia Island and released after words. We want to keep it a surprise till after the car is shown at the Amelia Island Show. We hope you are and have enjoyed the build of this car. We pride ourselves on building this car as close to the original 54 Corvair Motorama car that GM built. We also hope you have enjoyed watching and keeping up with this build as we have progressed.

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