December 2012

December 2, 2012

We started out the day the same way we start every morning working on the Motorma Car with a LARGE Coke from Mc Donald's and off we go. Brett already had the rear 1/3 of the car masking taped and painters paper put in place to what looked like for painting but that was not it. He had sanded the trunk lid and waxed it and buffed it out so at was as slick and smooth as a new babies bottom. I am sure some of you are asking why would you wax it, paint is not going to stick to wax. You are correct, paint will not stick to wax but we were not going to paint the trunk lid we were going to put jell coat on it (the orange stuff you see in the pic) and then start putting on resin and fiberglass matting on it to make a mold off of it. We first did some fiberglass work for Brett and then we went back to the trunk lid which gave the jell coat time to setup a little. We put on 6 layers of resin and fiberglass matting. Yeah you stay in a garage all day laying resin and fiberglass matting and see how light headed you get.WOW that is one hell of a high. We started about 9:00 am working on his stuff and we finished up on the 54 Motorama Car about 6:00 pm with about 40 min. for lunch. You may look at the pic attached and think gee it took you a long time to do no more then you got done. Trust me if it was easy everyone would do it. Now the mold will be separated Monday by Brett and then from that mold we will make a new trunk lid for the 54 Motorama Car. Like I said if it was easy everyone would do it, this carp is not easy and it is messy with all that fiberglass all over you and your cloths. Enjoy the pic. I am going to take a shower and get this stuff off of me and put on my PJ's and relax, by back is killing me.

December 11, 2012

Today started off like any other day with a large Coke from Mickey D's. I had to be home by 3:00 pm and not getting to Brett's where the car is till about 9:30 am. Brett had already separated the mold we made last week from the trunk lid that made the mold off of. It turned out great with no weak spots and no air bubbles. Being that I had to be home early Brett and I drove up to Northern Indiana to se a guy man Dave who has tons of stainless trim parts. When I say tons I means there must have been about 100 barrels of stainless trim and shelves and boxes full also. Looks like a warehouse in Detroit from back in the 50's when cars has stainless trim on them. Anyway Brett picked out several pieces that looked correct for going around the outside of the windshield and also inside windshield trim as well. He also picked out stainless for the driver and passenger doors and windows as well. As it turned out the stainless for around the windshield fit great like it was made for this car and as far as the stainless for the doors and door windows I think most of it will fit but some may need a little tweaking which is all right. This is going to be as close as you can make it to the original 54 Motorama car

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