December 2011

December 8, 2011

Today, as you can see from some of the previous pics that we started cutting of the hatchback roof for the Motorama car and also started cutting on the body of the 54 Corvette, At some point down the road these 2 will become one. Next we will be getting the trunk lid to fit the car and the hatchback roof as well. There will be extra supports put into the roof and the car as well to support the trunk lid when it opens and closes. You can also see in the pic that the two upright support hinges for the trunk and the convertible top lid (for the 54 Corvette) have been removed as well. They also will not be needed. This car may or may not be built to GM Prints (because GM didn't have prints for it) but it will be as close to looking original as GM built. The trunk lid will open as it should hinged from the top, not hinges at the bottom and opening backwards. Enjoy the pic and enjoy the progress that is being made on the car. More pic and information will be coming.

December 16, 2011

12-16-11 turned out to be an outstanding day for progress on the Motorama Project. The hatch back rood was on and put into place to stay and where it comes together with the body has been sanded smooth along with the A pillars as well. You can see Brett cutting the clips off or the outer skin of the doors, and you thought the sparks were from grinding the fiber glass. That would of been a heck of a trick. Next on the agenda will be to fit the trunk lid in place and line it up to the body and to the hatch back roof lines. There will be other thing needing to be done to the doors, dash and rear deck lid before moving on to other things. Because of the holidays this may be as far is it gets till the first of the new year 2012. If so, I hope you all have enjoyed the pic and the information about this build. This is going to truly be a one of a kind outstanding car when finished. I can tell you that I will be driving it to the NCM in 2014 for the Nation Wide Caravan. This build is part of the work that comes out of Blue Flame Restoration Shop owned by Brett Henderson. A very special thanks to George Janssen (Black_Magic) for building this outstanding and very easy to follow web site.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and please drive safely.

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