August 2013

August 7, 2013

Today was a milestone day. Finally able to enclose the windshield and perform final prep on the remaining roof areas to encapsulate. Hope to have the mold completed and pulled apart within two weeks. At that point, the entire roof and rear upper surround panel will be pulled from the car so the new panels can be put in place.

August 11, 2013

Today, we laminated the entire roof line and windshield areas. This was a big task but only took five hours of lay-up time. The prep time was longer than that.Next step....side window openings, doors jams and rear lower valance. At that point, only the doors, hood and deck lid will need molds constructed.

August 14, 2013

After getting a phone call from Brett on Tuesday afternoon asking if I could make it to his place to lay more fiberglass on the Motorama car I said Hell Yes. He wants to get all they fiberglass matting put on and get the MOLD popped off the car before we go to Corvettes at Carlisle next week and the only time he has extra is in the evenings to lay fiberglass matting. He is busy working on other cars during the day and trying to get the Motorama Car Mold made as soon as we can get it made. So Brett prepped the car and had it ready to lay fiberglass by the time I got to his place. The first pic you will see are of the side windows prepped and ready to have he fiberglass matting put on it and the second pic are the same shot only about 3 hours later with the fiberglass matting on it windows. Laying fiberglass matting upside down is not only hard but very tricky. You have to lay the matting and then apply the hardener and not putting on to much so the matting is not to loaded with hardener so it to heave and pulls the matting down. That gets kind of tricky, but we got it done or should I say we are GETTING ER DONE. Friday we hope to lay the last of the fiberglass matting on the lower rear valance. Even jacking the car up in the rear (because we do not have a lift to put it up on, but I am told one will be coming soon) we are going to have to be careful because just like the upper part of the side windows we will be laying fiberglass matting upside down and if not applied correctly it will separate from the car body and sag or fall. Guess we will have to wait till Friday and see how it turns out. Then after letting it cure for a couple days we are planning on separating the mold from the car body on Sunday and letting it cure out while we are at Corvettes at Carlisle.

August 16, 2013

Today was a banner day! We've been working on this project for nearly two years. We completed the lower valance area in the morning and separated the mold from the car in the late afternoon. We even removed the mock-up roof panel from the car.....not part of the plan but hey, it had to be done sometime and we had a good time doing it!Tomorrow, we plan to remove the original upper surround panel from the car and prep it for the Fastback roof panels. The plan is to make the Fastback roof panels after Carlisle. The project should start to move pretty fast now. This is the only roof mold of its kind in the world. Dominions are about as correct as they can be.You now see the 1953 Corvette Fiberglass body that GM made and in the other pic where the fiberglass panels are laid out it is the only one's like this in the world and it was built by B&M Brett and Mike. This is the hard top and rear surround for the 1954 Motorama Car we are building.

August 17, 2013

You should be able to tell the progress that we have made in the last 16 hours working on the car.Just like a alcoholic or a drug user or maybe even a hooker on the street, in order to kick the habit or to try to cure yourself or to get to the point where you may ask for help to turn your live around and aim for a goal in life that will make you better, they say you have to hit bottom, I mean bottom. Just like in the Marines where they brake you down and then rebuild you back up to be a quality person or a success in live so it the 54 Motorama Car. You can see by the pic that it is as low is it can go. Now it is time to start building it back up and making it a success and a QUALITY Car. This will all start as soon as we are back for Corvettes at Carlisle. We worked hard to get to where we are at and now it is time that we step up to the next level and start making this car something that Brett and I are and will be more proud of. When we are finished I will bet that GM will have wished that they would have went a head and put this car into production back in 1954. Please enjoy the fruit of our labor and the building of this Motorama Car.

August 19, 2013

Well you have seen in the pic posted 8/17/13 that the mold came off of the body and the body came off of the chassis. That was some very good progress, but try to visualize over 1/3 of the body of this car being all one piece. Well it will be. The mold that we made has some 15 pieces that make up the mold and the mold will make 1 piece for the car. Well in order to keep it all together we had to drill almost 90 holed in the mold where one piece will be mated up to another piece and so on and so on, so when it is all bolted back together you have a one piece mold that can be taken apart for storage but mainly so when we now make the one piece that we will mount on the rest of the body of the car we will be able to remove each piece of the mold from the finished product easier then trying to pop out one large piece for a one piece mold. This way also we are taking less risk of breaking a section of the mold or a section of the finished product, the hatch back roof and both rear quarter panels. You can see from the pic how large this mold is and it is going to be very difficult to make the hatchback roof and quarter panels in one piece and it will take about 8 hours we figure to hand lay all the fiberglass matting it will take to make this.You are looking at the only mold in the world that will make the Motorama roof and quarters and trunk in one piece with the correct measurements and correct height so you will be able to set in the car and drive it without curling up in a ball just to fit in it because the roof was not raised for head clearance. You can see in one pic that I just had to crawl in the hatchback roof and look like I was driving it. This is outstanding progress. While the rest of the body was picked up and set on and bolted down to a special made dolly for 53-55 Corvettes the chassis was rolled up on my open car hauler, strapped down and taken to my garage where I will start (as soon as we get back from Corvettes at Carlisle) taking the lined and hoses and exhaust off of the frame. At that time when it is stripped it will then be sandblasted and powder coated for protection. After not being able to find the Vin #'s stamped into the frame one of the small (about 1 1/2"x3") rubber pads was peeled up and there it was ac clear as day and in great condition the Vin # that matches the Vin Tag for the car. With a few modifications we will be using the original chassis for the build. Hope you enjoy the pic and are following along as we setout to build what I think is one of the coolest cars that GM messed up and did not put into production.

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