August 2012

August 20, 2012

They say it's all in the details. That's what we worked on today, details. After the A-pillars were heightened to provide an accurate proportion to the roof line, the front part of the top had to be cut as well. This cut was performed a couple of months ago and needed to be smoothed out properly. The sides of the roof line also needed to be detail sanded in the area where the two mold halves meet. This was all tedious work that frankly just takes time with the sanding block and a lot of 80 grit paper. The original mold also had a few dominions that weren't quite correct from side to side. These measurements also had to be modified for consistency. Again, details......With all of the detail work accomplished, we are now at the trunk lid fitment aspect of the build. First, a rain gutter structure had to be constructed so the cosmetics can be hand sculpted with the sanding block. After this detail is complete, the trunk lid panel will be fitted to the modified angle and height of the roof line. That's next weekend's projectAt that point, the entire car will be ready for primer and a new mold of the roof line and rear upper surround panel as one full piece. There will be no seam lines to ever shrink and bleed through the beautiful Crystal Red Metallic paint that we have decided on. This one full piece will also make future builds much quicker and less complicated. That's a good thing, since there are already orders for two more Fastback Motorama cars as of this date. Hope everyone is enjoying the progress.

August 28, 2012

Today was the day to complete the rain gutter located at the end of the roof line/top of the trunk opening. Lots of tedious work. After the rain gutter was completed, re-fitting of the trunk lid was next on the list.Since the angle of the roof line was changed when the A-pillar height was raised, the angle of the trunk lid was now different by a few degrees. So now, the trunk lid must to be modified and massaged. We made a few cuts in the trunk lid and it fits very close to perfect. Engineering new trunk hinges is now the next thing on the list before the trunk lid modifications can be finalized.Once the trunk lid is done, it's on to the doors for final massaging before door molds are made.

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