April 2013

April 07, 2013

Having left my camera where the Motorama Car is I did not report what was going on but after going back today and continuing progress there are a few more pic this time. The first three pic are the trunk lid mold with jell coat on it and it was cold that week so the jell coat did not setup in time for me to help so Brett has to lay all the fiber glass matting by himself the we let it set for about a week to make sure that it was good and hard and when we popped the trunk lid apart from the mold it would retain it the shape and would not move. The next three pic are the hand laid fiber glass on the trunk mold now awaiting cure time. Please remember that when making fiber glass parts off of a mold that you make the parts larger then you need so you can trim them to fit and that is what we have done also. The over all size of the outside of the trunk lid is larger then we need but now when it is time we can trim it to fir the trunk opening. Next you now see the hood setting on saw horses getting hopefully final fill on bondo and then it will get sanded and primer for the last time maybe before paint. But before that now you see what looks like hood scoops that molds have been made for and will be made to match the hood scoops that was on the original Motorama Car. They were there for looks. They did not work other then give the hood a classy look from all the plain hood on all the other Motorama cars that GM built that year. GM was wanting each car to have it own style and besides the fastback roof the hood scoops was just one more way to give the car style. Inside the engine bay there are several holes in the firewall and the inner fender wells that will not be used so you can see tape over the holes and fiberglass matting was laid from the backside and after hardening the tape was taken off and bondo was applied from the inside. After the body comes off the frame and is put on a rotisserie then it will be easier to get to the engine bay to sand all of it smooth. We have gotten back a sample of the door window frames that we will be using. We are thinking that there is going to have to be a few small changes to make it look correct and even if it takes a little more tome then that is what it will have to be. Because we are wanting this to be correct. There are other things we will be working on till the window frames are made the way we want them.

April 28, 2013

Today we got back to basics. The window frames will take some time to get done, so we started back on prepping the car for new molds. The A-pillars needed to be secured properly to the dash ends. The windshield opening also had to be finalized for glass fitment. These two things were accomplished today.The rear tail light pods were also glued back in place. The molds will be made with the tail light pods on the car after all. This will ensure that there will no be future shrinkage where the pods are glued in place. Almost every 53-55 experiences shrinkage where the pods are glued in place.Next week, the body will be primered again and final mold prep will be performed. Hope to have all of the molds done by the end of June.

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