April 2012

April 26, 2012

After several months off work has started back up on the 54 Motorama project. Today we (Bret cut the A pillars and re-aligned them so when the windows are installed that they will go up and down correctly next we will be working on getting the trunk lid lined up and hinged as well. This will take some time as new supports will have to be installed to support the hinge and the trunk lid. Pic will not be posted till some of this work is done and you can see the final results, not all the work and thought that has gone into making all these changes to make this as original looking as we can make it look. Even though this is a re-creation we still want it to look like the real deal that GM made. More information and pic will be posted some. Sorry it took so long but the work on this project is done on free time as it come available

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