The Mold

This is were Blue Flame Restorations built value ! They now have the mold to produce this car for you. This process would continue throughout the next year but the major pieces of the mold were completed in August of 2013. To quote Mike Terry:

August 16, 2013

Today was a banner day! We've been working on this project for nearly two years. We completed the lower valance area in the morning and separated the mold from the car in the late afternoon. We even removed the mock-up roof panel from the car.....not part of the plan but hey, it had to be done sometime and we had a good time doing it!Tomorrow, we plan to remove the original upper surround panel from the car and prep it for the Fastback roof panels. The plan is to make the Fastback roof panels after Carlisle. The project should start to move pretty fast now. This is the only roof mold of its kind in the world. Dominions are about as correct as they can be.You now see the 1953 Corvette Fiberglass body that GM made and in the other pic where the fiberglass panels are laid out it is the only one's like this in the world and it was built by B&M Brett and Mike. This is the hard top and rear surround for the 1954 Motorama Car we are building.

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