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We Made it to the Show!

Here at Amelia the Motorama Car did well. We planned on leaving Indianapolis about 6:00 am last Thursday and that did not happen. There were a couple items that had to be addressed and Brett worked on the car ALL night on the car and we did not leave till 10:00 am Thursday and we got to Jacksonville Friday early afternoon. We won two awards, one for one of the best top ten cars at the event and then they came back around and told us we has won a second award and would have to drive the car back p and pick up the second award just like we did the first award. The second award was a corporate award for best new coach work or best recreation. So where do you go from here after winning 2 awards at Amelia Island the first event the car has ever ee to? When I get home on Tuesday (Monday we will stop in Bowling Green and they want to see the car at the NCM) I will send all the pic to George and he can post them on the Forum for all to see. So the big question is where do we go from here?

Saturday Amelia Island 2015
On the field at Amelia Island. Ready for awards tomorrow. After 5 years of preparation the show has begun and we are here! Many long nights and bloody knuckles have been sacrificed for this week end. Its hard to believe over 5 years of effort has gone into this day. Many thanks to our family and friends for their support.

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