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More Pictures from Amelia Island 2015

We were honored to have been invited to Amelia Island with the Fastback built from scratch in my shop. Three years of only working on it on Sundays, Mike Terry and myself built this car to exact configuration. We held the stage at Amelia Island as one of the top ten cars of the show, along side Harley Earle's 1938 Buick Y-Job masterpiece.

Thanks to all for following the build of the car but Brett is the one who really deserves all the glory. With out him the car never would have been built. With his thought and input and knowing how o do things and do them right he is the one who made the car happen. If any of you are close or come thru Indy or down where I live on the Southside of Indy in Greenwood, you are welcome to come by and see the car. Just let me know in advance to make sure I am home and not out doing donuts with the car in a parking lite some where. Ha Ha Ha. Not sure where the car will go next but I can tell you that it will be on display at the NCM starting November till May of 2016. I know Lance Miller from Carlisle came by the car and saw it and liked it but I do not know yet weather he will want it at Corvettes at Carlisle or not. I will only take it there if it is displayed where know one can scratch it or whatever.

While the project build was my concept, Mike did help a lot. Don't let him fool you guys. He can lay up fiberglass as well as anyone...and do it nice and neat as well. We had a great time building the Fastback and reaping the rewards and Awards!


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  1. Congrats Mike! I am glad to see your vision was realized in such a terrific manner. You overcame some very daunting obstacles to reach your goal. I am looking forward to seeing the project in person.

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