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How it all began........... A word by the creator of the new 54 Motorama Fastback, Brett Henderson.

I guess it all started back in High School. I always wanted a car that most of the other guys didn't or couldn't have. After having a Chevy and some GTO's, the time was right for a Corvette. A friend of mine, Greg Akers let me drive his mother's 1972 coupe one night. I was hooked! had to have one. Within two weeks, I was the proud owner of a 1969 coupe. That same week, our good friend Rick Lawson got his 1970 convertible. Rick and I immediately moved out and got an apartment. We were just Seniors in High School and we thought we were the bomb! Let the good times roll!  And so we did.... There were so many car guys and even girls that we all ran with. It was a great time, for sure.

Click 30 years later. I had been to college where good friends and school were a natural mix. Nick Nichols was one of the gang since High School and now college. I even restored a 68 conv while in college. College was just a way to make sure that I had a good enough job so I could always afford and Corvette or two.

After a 26 year career in manufacturing and distribution, I had had enough. I had been restoring Corvettes for other people for a couple of years and decided to semi-retire and just play with cars. That was 2008. I've never looked back. I can't begin to count how many staff meetings I sat in, doodling parts lists while pretending to be interested in my career. lol

My area of concentration is 53-55 Corvettes, having restored fifteen 1953's so far. I had always liked the Motorama fastback though and knew that I'd build one someday.

In 2008, I was acquainted with Bob Mangold. Bob had pioneered the funny car business in the 60's. He taught me the right processes and materials for manufacturing fiberglass molds and parts. We made the first initial molds for a Motorama Fastback. While they were "close", they were just not close enough. I decided to modify the roof line and make new molds. A friend, Mike Terry, wanted me to build him a Fastback and I agreed if he would help do whatever he could and we would modify the original molds made in 2008 and use his car as a platform for the first car. Mike got very good at laying fiberglass. We made a really good team with fiberglass.

Working every Sunday, Mike and I spent the next three years building the first Fastback. I had engineered the windshield opening from a 55 Chevy and constructed hybrid doors, 53-55 / 56-62 so we could have roll up windows in his car. This was done so there would always be windshield trim available. Using the lower Corvette windshield channel and mating it to the 55 Chevy opening, it all fit like a glove.

The main body of the car is the roof, rear fenders and lower valance. This is all one piece, made in a 13 piece mold. The hood is also made from custom molds, so the hood scoops were part of the hood. Not just glued onto a hood. All panels glue to the factory bonding areas. There is no risk of shrinkage of bonded parts. All of this was well thought out for a few years before ever making the Fastback for Mike.

Making a windshield template was easier than I had anticipated and it worked out perfect. the process was cardboard, .040 aluminum, fiberglass mold and then a fiberglass windshield template. Time consuming but pretty straight forward. Just had to think it through.

Through the help of Werner Meir, we were connected with Bill Warner of Amelia Island Concours. Bill invited me to bring the car to the show for its first showing. at Amelia 2015, the car won the Corporate Award for being considered one of the Top 10 cars of the show. We were staged along side Harley Earle's 1938 Buick Y-Job. What an honor to be in the same category as Harley Earle, former Chief of Design for GM. We also won the award for Best Coachwork or Re-creation. What a day we had. I can't thank Steve Kline and Bob Good enough for their time and effort. Two of the best car guys I know.

Onto the next build, my custom version of the 1957 Corvette SS.

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