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Brett Discusses 53-54 Corvettes

Published on Nov 19, 2015
This video captures a Michigan NCRS seminar at Masterworks Automotive in Madison Heights, MI. hosted by Werner Meier.
Brett Henderson, a 1953-55 Corvette expert restorer and master craftsman, discusses the differences between 53 & 54 Corvettes and the 1954 Corvair recreation that he built. That Corvair was featured at Amelia Island last year.

54 Motorama and George Barris

This was sent to my by a good friend. It is a pic of George Barris and
myself and Brett Henderson and Mike Yager and you will also see Miss Hurst
Golden Shifter (Linda Vaughn) off to the side at this years Corvette Funfest at
Mid America Motorworks where George picked the 54 Motorama Corvair Car for his
Celebrity Choice Award. This was in late September of this year so it may have
been one of the last events that George attended before his passing. This pic
will forever be special to me because of George Barris being in it with myself and
Brett Henderson and Mike Yager and Linda Vaughn in the background. She was helping watch over George
Mike Terry